Unhelpful beliefs about non-specific low back pain (LBP) are associated with poorer coping strategies and unhelpful behaviours. Furthermore, targeting unhelpful beliefs about back pain has been advanced as a major priority to decrease the burden of LBP. Therefore, studies exploring these beliefs are needed to adapt the message delivered to the population.

A study conducted in French-speaking Switzerland aimed to identify attitudes and beliefs about LBP and analyse their association with individual characteristics and the belief that exercise is an effective treatment for LBP. The study concluded that French-speaking Swiss general population has high levels of unhelpful beliefs and moderate confidence in the effectiveness of exercise for LBP, though the message “staying active is good for LBP” was well understood. The messages to decrease the level of unhelpful beliefs about LBP in the population should specifically target the vulnerability, protection and special nature of LBP, and promote exercise therapy. Find out more about the study here. For a video summary please watch the video below.

Thanks to the authors Guillaume Christe, Valentina Pizzolato, Meghan Meyer, Jessica Nzamba and Claude Pichonnaz for sharing their research, the video summary and infographic.

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