Karl Barbaro and James Midgley.

Priapism is defined as a persistent penile erection in the absence of sexual arousal. This symptom has been documented in patients with spinal stenosis although it is considered a rare finding. The European Association of Urology guidelines on priapism [Salonia et al., 2014] list cauda equina syndrome and spinal stenosis as causative factors for ischemic priapism although the literature describing this phenomenon appears sparse. Priapism can be a rare symptom of lumbar spine stenosis/transient cauda equina compression. This presentation is complex and believed to be a parasympathetic mediated autonomic disorder. This article discusses the relationship between spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome and priapism using available literature. Greater awareness of this clinical finding may help clinicians in their clinical decision making. In patients with suspected cauda equina syndrome, subjective enquiry regarding the symptom priapism may add to the patients overall clinical picture. Please find the video summary below and full article here

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